We here at Vertical consider ourselves experts in the field of Vertical mast lifts. We proudly boast an extensive fleet of these convenient and lightweight mobile elevated work platforms.

  • Genie AWP20S: Working Height is 8.12m and Platform Capacity is 159 kg
  • Genie AWP24S: Working Height is 9.3m and Platform Capacity is 159  kg
  • Genie AWP36S: Working Height is 13.1m and Platform Capacity is 159 kg

Genie AWP-20S

Genie AWP-24S

Genie AWP-36S

Genie GR-15


Working Heightmeters8.129.313.16.5210
Platform Heightmeters6.127.311.14.528
Platform Dimensionsmeters0.69 x 0.660.69 x 0.660.69 x 0.660.89 x 0.750.78 x 0.98
Platform Capacity kilograms159159159227200
Base Widthmeters0.740.740.740.751
Base Heightmeters1.981.982.781.571.99
Base Lengthmeters1.241.312.971.352.7
Power BatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBattery



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