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When you've been in the Access Platform Hire game as long as we have, you've heard most questions at least a few times at this stage.

To help our customers along we've set up this useful tool to save you guys a phone call. 

What type of machine do i need?

To determine what machine is best suited to your needs we'll need to identify a couple of key factors

  • What height do you need to work at? This is probably the most important question you need to ask yourself so we can provide the adequate machine for both function and safety.
  • Is the job indoors or outdoors? Indoor work requires a battery powered machine as opposed to diesel fueled for obvious safety reasons.
  • Are there any obstacles in the way? Our articulated and straight booms can get up over obstacles with ease whereas our scissor lifts provide a wider stable working platform with less dexterity.

Will the machine fit?

All of our machines' specifications are now available via the website. Just click this link and select the machine type you require to see any and all specifications for access platform machine of your choice.

Who can operate the machine?

It is recommended that anyone operating an access platform machine have an adequate Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) licence. This is a safety requirement for most companies employing professionals that would use our type of machines.

Still confused?

Don't be. Call our experienced team now on 01 4642111.

If we still can't make an informed decision from your description then we can carry out a site survey at your convenience.